Referral System

On our sexuality hotline, we may be asked about health and wellbeing services as well as recommendations of those service providers; this is why we are working on developing our referral database. 

You can really help us by filling out the surveys that apply to you and circulating the below three surveys to your surroundings:

  • Sexuality & Sexual Health Survey: A survey addressed to healthcare service users of all genders to allow them to reflect on their experiences with service providers on multiple issues related to sexuality and sexual and reproductive health. We hope that you recommend or advise against providers that you have personally been to.
  • Trans* Health Survey:   A survey addressed to trans* service users with questions specific to your experience of receiving services specific to your needs. Please know that we would also love to have your input on sexuality and sexual health survey above.
  • Healthcare Providers Survey:  A survey addressed to healthcare service providers to assess their attitudes on key issues related to gender and sexuality, and ask them if they would like to be part of our referral database.

Responses collected from these surveys will help us build a network of trusted providers whose values, politics and practices are compatible with ours.

Sexuality & Sexual Health Survey
(inclusive of all genders)
Trans* Health Survey
Healthcare Providers Survey
إستمارة الجنسانية والصحة الجنسية
(شاملة لكل الهويات الجندرية)
إستمارة صحة الترانس*
إستمارة مقدمي الرعاية الصحية

Artwork by Stasia Burrington